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                    Welcome: KCBPLAY Education
                    Language: Chinese ∷  English

                    ABOUT US

                    ABOUT US

                    KCBPLAY is a group company specialized in the production of middle and high-grade preschool education supplies, books and educational development and its products have been sold to Japan, Germany, Korean and other countries. KCBPLAY education will provide one-stop purchasing service for dealers, kindergartens and families at the most preferential price. KCBPLAY advocates the educational thought of game-centered and happy learning, fully embodying the preschool education philosophy of nature, affinity and people first in Germany and Korean. In the w...

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                    NEWS CENTER

                    CONTACT US

                    Contact: Sandy.LEE

                    Phone: 13801159519

                    Tel: 010-85592182

                    Email: 623878603@qq.com

                    Add: Beian B/D B-1228 No.15 Jianguo road Chaoyang District Beijing Chnia

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